NMC is a full-service pile driving contractor, specializing in all types of driven piles and all types of excavation support systems. We employ only highly experienced field crews and management staff and adhere to rigorous safety measures on all job sites. Our company is licensed in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Driven Piles

• Timber Piles
• Pipe Piles
• H-piles
• Precast Concrete Piles
• Wood Inclusions

Excavation Support Systems

• Temporary and Permanent Soil Nail Walls
• Braced and Cantilevered Sheet Piling
• Driven Soldier Pile and Lagging Systems
• Underpinning
• Support of Excavation

Geotechnical Drilling

• Helical Piles
• Tiebacks
• Rock Anchors
• Micro Piles
• Stelcor Piles
• Grouting

Ground Improvement

• Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC)
• Deep Dynamic Compaction (DDC)
• Wood Inclusions

Marina Design

• Bulkheads
• Docks
• Travel Lift Pits
• Cruise Ship Peers
• Commercial Dolphins